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Installing 12 Solar PV Panels and a Battery Storage System
domestic installation of pv solar panels on pitched roof
solar pv panel installation roof tiles hooks and rafters

Tiles were removed to find the timber rafter. The roof hooks were then measured and positioned, before being fixed to the rafters with waterproof fixings. The tiles were then put back into position with minimal disruption to the roof – weather tight and secure!

Solar panel installation at home roof hooks mounted to pitched roof
king and brooks solar energy latest installation 12 pv solar panels mounted to pitched roof generating renewable energy

We then attached rails to the roof hooks and got to work fixing 12 Solar PV panels across 2 roof slopes. This created an array of just over 5kw with two 6 panel strings, installed with bird protection and using accredited equipment throughout the installation.

King and Brooks Solar Energy Solax battery storage and inverter renewable energy installation

Once installed, we connected the panels to a hybrid inverter and a 6kwh battery storage system, complete with online monitoring. This enables the client to store the energy generated and use it in the evenings. We fully tested and commissioned the installation and provided all certification and documents in a final handover pack. 

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Our dedicated team boast over 25 years' experience in Solar PV and Battery Storage. We're proud to be RECC accredited and hold MCS accreditation for Solar PV and Battery Storage.


Our friendly team includes solar experts and electrical installers, meaning we are able to offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times to our customers thanks to our in-house expertise.

Excellence Guaranteed

Our work is fully insured with QANW to ensure our installations meet MCS standards. We offer a two-year workmanship guarantee and extended warranties on our inverters, batteries, and solar panels, offering peace of mind for our customers.