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Domestic Renewables for your home

pv solar panels being installed on new house outside with scaffolding

Reduce Energy Bills

Installing Solar PV panels protects you from rising energy costs. If your solar panels are large enough, you may be able to produce enough electricity for your whole home. You'll pay 0% VAT on your installation too.

Clean Energy

Solar PV offers a clean and renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. By tapping into this source, we mitigate our environmental impact and help to combat climate change.

Earn Money

If you generate renewable electricity in your home or business, you can feed back any electricity that you don’t use under the Smart Export Guarantee.

Low Operating Costs

Once installed, Solar PV systems have minimal operating costs, offering a cost-effective and sustainable long-term energy solution.

Certified. Trusted. Reliable.

We’re proudly part of the RECC and hold MCS accreditation for both Solar PV and Battery Storage.
We’re a member of the Trading Standards Institute, giving our customers confidence and peace of mind at all times.

King & Brooks accredited solar company


Our dedicated team boast over 25 years' experience in Solar PV and Battery Storage. We're proud to be RECC accredited and hold MCS accreditation for Solar PV and Battery Storage.


Our friendly team includes solar experts and electrical installers, meaning we are able to offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times to our customers thanks to our in-house expertise.

Excellence Guaranteed

Our work is fully insured with QANW to ensure our installations meet MCS standards. We offer a two-year workmanship guarantee and extended warranties on our inverters, batteries, and solar panels, offering peace of mind for our customers.

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